Excursions and Camps

The educational programs planned at this school have a special emphasis on actively involving students in their own learning. Excursions and camps are an important way of getting this involvement.


From time to time the children will go on excursions so that they will have direct experiences related to their class studies. A Permission Form allowing children to participate in local excursions which involve no cost will be sent home early in the year and will cover the whole school year. Parents will be required to sign a medical indemnity form giving permission for the teacher in charge of an excursion to arrange for any medical emergency that may arise if contact with the parents cannot be made.


Excursions and camps are carefully planned so that children will have a new learning experience. These are an integral part of your child's education and as such we expect that you will allow your child to participate.

In the case of a camp, parents will also be required to fill in and sign a camp/excursion Student Medical History Form. This form also includes a Permission to Attend slip and a Medical Indemnity Form, all of which need to be signed before a student can attend the activity. Asthma forms must be filled in the day before camp or before the swimming program.


The School Camps Program is heavily subsidised through fundraising, thus making all camps and excursions affordable to all families.


Year 456 Camp visiting Echuca Wharf