School Community Philosophy

The Dunkeld Consolidated School motto is “Our Best Always”. In our philosophy, we acknowledge that a special relationship exists between the school and its community and that this is very important. Schooling is a shared responsibility and therefore we provide opportunities for parents to participate in school activities.


We commit ourselves on providing a safe and caring environment where children are able to achieve their personal best in all areas of the curriculum.


We recognise that we need to equip children to be able to handle the current issues in their lives as well as to prepare them for the future. The school plays a major role in the social and emotional health of each child.


We aim to address such issues as:

  • making and maintaining friends
  • respect and consideration for people and property
  • flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity and empathy
  • self esteem, confidence and motivation
  • tolerance and co-operation
  • a willingness to accept challenges and responsibility
  • an ability to judge for oneself
  • an understanding of the rights of people and an adherence to the rules of society.

Dunkeld Consolidated School is a school where children are aware of their rights and responsibilities, as well as having a clear sense of purpose in relation to their place in the school.


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