Acting Principal:                                

Mrs Angela Field


Teaching Staff:                        

Mrs Jackie McShane - Prep/Year 1

Mrs Ann Howard - Prep/Year 1 

Mrs Mary-Ellen McLachlan - Year 2/3                

Mrs Anne Gilbert - Year 2/3

Miss Stephanie Thompson - Year 2/3 and PE
Mrs Dee-Anne Gerring - Year 4/5

Mrs Naomie Phillips - Year 6


Tutor Learning Initiative:

Ms Hannah Black                                


Business Manager:

Mrs Terrie Nicholson


Education Support Staff:                     

Ms Helen Trahar


MiniLit and MacqLit:

Mrs Clare Kennedy


SAKG Garden Specialist:                   

Mrs Lisa McIntyre


SAKG Kitchen Specialist:

Mrs Clare Kennedy


MARC Library Van - DET:

Mrs Bree Porter


DET ICT Technical Support:

Mr Pratik Rathod