School Council

The School Council is a legally constituted body that:

·         sets the vision

·         determines the priorities

·         establishes the mechanisms to ensure that accountability is in place, and

·         ensures that the school is responsive to the local community.


The School Council works in partnership with the Principal in setting the goals and priorities of the school’s Strategic Plan. They usually meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm.


Sub-Committee meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month:

·         Policy Sub-Committee Meetings begin at 5.30pm.

·         Facilities Sub-Committee Meetings begin at 6.30pm.


Elections for School Council are usually held in March each year. Council members are elected for a two year term with half the council being elected each year. Parent representatives must be parents/guardians of currently enrolled students. Where a parent is employed in any state operated school, they may stand within the parent category as a “DET Parent” but the number of these representatives reduces the number of other parents. Staff from the school are elected within their own category as DET employees. Community members with special expertise may also be coopted to the Council.


The Parents and Friends Association has a coopted member on Council to maintain a close working relationship between Council and the P & F Association. These people do not need to be parents or guardians of students in the school. The Principal is the Executive Officer of the School Council. Serving members may stand for re-election at the expiration of their term provided their child is still enrolled at the school at the time of the election.


The School Council consists of up to 15 members, which includes 8 parents, 5 DET (including the Principal as Executive Officer) and 2 community members. The current Dunkeld Consolidated School Councillors are:


Executive Officer:

Paul Jeffreys


Luke Balkin

Vice President:

Mark Lazzari


Terrie Nicholson


Melissa Field



Committee Members:


Rachel Blackwell

Dee-Anne Gerring
Anne Gilbert

Anthony Graham

Bev Hampton

Brad Kyle

Jackie Mibus

Simon Ross