Principal's Welcome

At Dunkeld Consolidated School, we are taking part in two journeys: the first one being that of our school.

We are striving to be better at everything we do and we are setting genuinely challenging goals for ourselves, some of which require us to change our practices, learn new approaches to teaching and learning, and putting the safety of children at the very centre of everything we do.

We are looking to implement and develop a culture of courageous learners who will take risks in the face of failure. We want children to be flexible and creative in their thinking. We want children to experience the sense of joy from succeeding when challenged with something really difficult. We want them to have a purpose and sense of authenticity in what they do. And we want them to do the thinking and the work ... not the teachers. We are boldly striving for such a culture and we are resolute in pursuing these ideals no matter how difficult or how long it will take.

The second journey is that of our students and in particular those who are joining us as Prep students (Foundation level). These children will be the students who we hope will benefit most from the journey described above. These young children have so much to look forward to, and we would like them to reach their capacity in all that they pursue. Importantly we want children, in their journey here at Dunkeld Consolidated School to develop their capacity to empathise with others and to understand how they fit into a complex social setting. That is why we have embraced the social and emotional learning program, 'Play Is The Way', which asks much of children, at all times, in every aspect of their life at school.

Welcome to the adventure, boys and girls, and welcome to our school.

Angela Field