Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

The Dunkeld Consolidated School was thrilled to become a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden school during 2011.  We have a very strong and supportive community of local families and we invite parents, grandparents and community members to become "Friends" (volunteers) of this wonderful, enjoyable and educational program for our children and all involved.  Donations of produce, seedlings etc are most welcome.


The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is growing a food revolution from the ground up!  All around the country, children are enthusiastically getting their hands dirty and learning how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food.


The fundamental philosophy that underpins the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is that by setting good examples and engaging children's curiosity, as well as their energy and taste buds, we can provide positive and memorable food experiences that will form the basis of positive lifelong habits.


As a Kitchen Garden school we have committed to a dynamic and innovative model that sees Kitchen and Garden classes run weekly, enabling skills-based learning that extends across the entire school curriculum.


All students spend time in a productive veggie garden each week. 


In 2023, the Year 4 to Year 6 students will enjoy cooking lessons in the home-style kitchen.  There they learn skills that will last them a lifetime, and discover just how much fun it is to grow and cook their own seasonal vegetables and fruit.  Students have a shared meal at the end of their Kitchen lesson and contribute each week to help cover the cost of ingredients.



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