Starting School and Enrolment

Starting school is an exciting time in the life of your child. The first year of schooling is a very important one. Together teachers and parents can provide the support and the encouragement needed to make your child's introduction to school both enjoyable and successful.


We believe that the transition from home to school or from Pre-school to school can be assisted if parents:

  • provide a wide range of experiences for their children
  • talk to their children
  • read to their children
  • are positive about the school and the teachers
  • provide opportunities for their children to mix with and trust other adults, and
  • look on school as a happy and secure place.

It is important for you to be aware that each child is different. Some children will be just starting to handle writing implements while others will be writing their names. Some will be wanting you to read to them while others will want to do the reading.

It is not helpful to compare your child's rate of development with other children in the class or with brothers and sisters as children learn to read, write and become numerate at different rates (just as they learned to talk).


Please contact the Dunkeld Consolidated School office for an enrolment form.  (Enrolment forms are also provided to the Dunkeld Kindergarten during Term 4.)


2023 Dunkeld Consolidated School Student Information Booklet


2023 Student Enrolment Form