School Council Sub-Committees

School Council Sub-Committees

There are currently three Sub-Committees of School Council – Policy, Facilities and Finance.


All members of the Dunkeld School community are most welcome to participate in as many of the sub-committees as they wish where they may offer their expertise and assistance. Please feel free to contact the convenor to find out about meeting times and dates.


The Oval Complex is managed by the Facilities Sub-Committee to ensure a smooth working relationship between the DET and the Grampians Cricket Club.


Policy Sub-Committee:

Penny Fraser (Convenor), Anne Gilbert (Secretary), Paul Jeffreys, Fiona King.


Facilities Sub-Committee:

Mark Lazzari (Convenor), Anthony Graham (Secretary), Paul Jeffreys, Luke Balkin, Simon Ross.


Finance Sub-Committee:

Melissa Field (Treasurer), Paul Jeffreys, Terrie Nicholson.

SAKG Program Working Group:
Rachel Blackwell, Dee-Anne Gerring, Jackie Mibus


Mr Paul Jeffreys as Principal is the Executive Officer and is a member of each sub-committee.