Illness and Absences

It is important that your child attends school regularly; but if she/he is sick, home is the best place to be.  If a child becomes ill at school he/she is rested in the sick bay.  The parents are notified if the child should be taken home.


When your child has been absent from school you are required to supply the school with a note in their student diary or verbal explanation the next day the child attends.  If you know in advance that your child will be absent we would appreciate this information in writing.


Although it is sometimes unavoidable that family holidays occur during the school term this is very disruptive to your child's education.  Where possible, holidays should be during the school holidays or if the period needs to be longer, then adjacent to holidays.  Teachers cannot be expected to set special work or "catch your child up" if they have been on a family holiday during teaching time.